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Machinery. Easy answers to weighty problems.

Gondrand's involvement in forwarding finished machinery begins at an early stage.

Following a detailed preliminary analysis, we work with manufacturers to optimize the logistics operation for maximum speed and efficiency. We are only satisfied when our customers are fully convinced by our solutions. We call off the necessary parts and components and assemble consignments at a transhipment point (TSP). We then deliver to the production facility on a just-in-time or just-in-sequence basis. And, throughout this process, you are kept fully informed of the whereabouts of your goods.

Our machinery solutions include:

  • Supplier co-ordination and on-site quality inspections
  • Freight and information bundling at transhipment points (TSP)
  • Shipments and milk runs for parts deliveries from international procurement markets
  • Packing, delivery and erection of machinery directly at customers' premises
  • Storage of intermediate products, finished machines and spare parts
  • Stock level management with continuous stocktaking, retrievable 24/7
  • Delivery of production components to assembly bays (KANBAN)
  • IT and WebEDI, tracking and tracing, electronic billing, management information systems (MIS)

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Customs management.

Even in a globalized world, customs issues and the associated commercial documents, permits, licences and import/export bans continue to play a key role.customs


Air freight solutions.

As a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), we maintain our own air freight offices at the major European hubs. Air freight solutions.

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